. . . with our blue planet in mind . . .

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Creating Events with impact

At Lucent Blue, we create unique experiences that inspire, energize, and excite our clients and their guests.

Whether planning a corporate milestone, a wedding or social event, or a nonprofit fundraiser, we employ sustainable practices with each event we produce, and we encourage our clients to approach collaborations with the life of our planet in mind.

We believe amazing events become extraordinary when they're eco-friendly as well.  

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harnessing technology

For events with an experiential marketing focus, our work often involves harnessing technology to extend a live experience into the digital world. Maybe it's as simple as creating hashtag for use in social media, or as complex as designing a system for projecting a video onto a 10 story building.

Whatever the case, our motto is simple: you imagine it, we'll create it -- and we'll ensure the experience has a strong ROI. 

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Special Projects

Long-term goals often call for complex solutions. When we are approached about a project that's bigger than a single event or experience, we kick our wheels into high gear. We serve visionaries and passionate change-makers: social enterprises, start-up entities, and forward thinking organizations with bold ideas that strive to stand out from the crowd. 

Your Ideas, Our Passion.

Whether developing live events for hundreds of people, or designing intimate interactive encounters, our aim is to “wow” every person we reach. By channeling our passion for innovation, creativity, and excellence, we deliver powerful impact and lasting memories with each experience we create and every project we tackle.

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